Auto Repair in Junction, CA

Junction is a small community to the east of Redding, California. It has a rural feel and residents live in ranch-style homes on wide-open acreages. Junction is just south of Palo Cedro, another small community in Shasta County.

While schools and basic services are found in Junction, residents come to Redding for their source of income and supplies. Junction is an easy 10-mile commute from Redding, where major shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities can be found. Junction residents have a surprising array of restaurant choices nearby in Palo Cedro including Fresh Fire Grill and Cedar Tree Restaurant.

Perry’s Automotive Inc. is happy to provide personal, professional auto repairs to the residents of Junction, CA. We are a family owned and operated auto repair shop in business since 1968 and our staff have more than 100 cumulative years of experience. We love to be involved in our community and strive to provide knowledgeable, honest service for each of our customers.

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Perry’s Automotive Inc has been a part of the Redding business scene since 1968. Our present location has been our permanent home since 1973. That’s well over 40 years of customer satisfaction that’s allowed us to be a continued part of our customer’s lives. Our client base continues to grow as existing customers bring in their children, and in some cases, grandchildren.
Our driving motto has, and continues to be; customer’s are to be listened to and treated as a member of this family.


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