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Did you know that Shasta used to be a hub of trade and commerce in California? In the mid-1800s when gold mining was a major business, Shasta developed into a gateway for both travelers and miners, seeking a better life in the American west. At its peak in 1880, over 3,500 people called Shasta home.

The railroad was the reason for Shasta’s rapid decline. The Central Pacific Railroad chose to lay track in Redding six miles away, and all shipping business quickly left Shasta in favor of the railroad. Nowadays, Shasta is better known as ‘Old Shasta’ and is primarily known for being a ghost town. Around 1,800 people still call Shasta home.

When you’re in Shasta, you’ll be able to see much of the town just as it was left in the late 1800s. The brick storefronts and homes of that time as well as the oldest Masonic lodge in California still stand, a tribute to the gold-mining era Shasta revelled in.

Just a short 14-minute drive east, you’ll find Perry’s Automotive Inc. We are a family owned and operated auto repair facility with nearly five decades in business. Our staff members are friendly, approachable, and experienced, providing superior customer service while performing excellent auto repairs for vehicle owners in Redding and the surrounding communities including Shasta.

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Perry’s Automotive Inc has been a part of the Redding business scene since 1968. Our present location has been our permanent home since 1973. That’s well over 40 years of customer satisfaction that’s allowed us to be a continued part of our customer’s lives. Our client base continues to grow as existing customers bring in their children, and in some cases, grandchildren.
Our driving motto has, and continues to be; customer’s are to be listened to and treated as a member of this family.


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